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EVO series products

EVO-X, as the products of proprietary intellectual property rights, is developed by ChinaEtek on the basis of the summary of the core technology in the operation and maintenance field and the accumulation of the industry best practices in the long term.
EVO-X, as the integrated and automatic IT operation and maintenance management toolkit, provides the users with a one-stop solution for operation and maintenance. The V1.0 includes the four core modules of assets management, cloud platform (resources distribution and automation deployment), monitoring management, and security access, and thus basically covers the basic requirements of the corporate IT operation and maintenance management. The operation and maintenance modules of EVO-X are automatically interconnected, thus realizing the automatic treatment of the simple failures.
Furthermore, EVO-X also provides the IOS/Android-based mobile clients for meeting the needs of the mobile operation and maintenance.

The various module products of EVO-X can also be independently deployed:
→ Assets management solution (EVO-AssetCMDB)
The EVO-AssetCMDB assets management platform is geared towards providing the clients with management in terms of the software/hardware assets, cost accounting, configuration/association and barcode/mobile application.
→ Cloud resources management solution (EVO-Cloud)
As a set of IaaS management system, EVO-Cloud plans and constructs the available IT resources as per the standards, and provides the comprehensive, efficient management and control over the IT resources at any time according to the user request.
→ Monitoring platform solution (EVO-Monitor)
EVO-Monitor can provide effective management for a great deal of hardware equipment, operating systems, database and middleware related to the data center, greatly boost the security of the operation of the data center, reduce the workload of the IT operation and maintenance staff, and enhance the working efficiency of the IT operation and maintenance staff.
→ Open platform mainframe access control (EVO-Kerbsphere)

The security of the enterprise IT system requires the guarantee in terms of the system and tools. Following the formulation of the reasonable security management system and specifications, the appropriate security access and control system tool is applied to safeguard the security of the enterprise IT system. EVO-Kerbsphere emerges in response to the client needs in this regard.


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