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IT Infrastructure Management and Automation

→ IT services management solution
Through the industry-leading IT process management software, ChinaEtek builds the IT services management platform for clients, and helps them to realize the performance assessment of the ITIL process and operation and maintenance.
The solution is mainly the BMC Remedy ITSM
→ Monitoring automation solution
ChinaEtek’s monitoring automation solution offers the real-time automatic monitoring, pre-warning and management of the architecture cluster of the supporting business. Through the monitoring automation, the events can be captured prior to the occurrence of failures and automatically distributed to corresponding support staff for treatment.
The solution is mainly the BMC BPPM, and EVO-Monitor
→ Operation and maintenance automation solution
By implementing the operation and maintenance solution, ChinaEtek is capable of conducting the automatic operation of the infrastructure supporting the business system, thereby reducing the risks resulting from the manual operation.
The solution is mainly the BMC Bladelogic
→ Job scheduling automation solution

Through the scripted transformation of the necessary factors, ChinaEtek builds a centralized job scheduling automation management platform for enterprises, realizing the automatic operation management of a mass of daily repetitive work.
The solution is mainly the BMC Control-M
→ Mainframe access control solution
See EVO series product EVO-Kerbsphere for details.
→ Cloud resources management solution
See EVO series product EVO-Cloud for details.


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