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IT Infrastructure Setup

↓ System software deployment

Providing the deployment, upgrading and configuration services for the various clustering framework including the operating system, database, middleware and application software according to the client needs.
↓ Virtualization
By virtue of the virtualization technology for the mainframe, storage and network, ChinaEtek helps the clients to integrate and optimize such resources as mainframe, storage and network for the IT infrastructure, thereby building a private cloud-based resources pool for enterprises.
↓ Design and construction of SAN storage architecture
On the basis of the storage integration concept of server-storage hardware architecture, it can achieve the central and strategic management of the enterprise storage resources, and provide the architecture guarantee for the storage optimization, subsequent high availability, and disaster backup etc.
↓ Design and construction of highly available architecture
Providing the design and construction of high-performance architecture characterized by high availability, high security and easy management on the system, architecture and application levels, in order to prevent the application discontinuation caused by the single fault such as server, network or application.
↓ Design and construction of network environment

Assisting the clients in realizing the reasonable utilization of resources, and boosting the reliability, security and service quality of the IP network; and providing the clients with a high-quality corporate core network environment.



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